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Regina 29 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Angelika 39 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Get unlimited communication with Russian girls

You can have Standart, Silver or Gold membership status. Standart status is absolutely free. But if you want to have more facilities and possibilities you must become Silver or Gold member. More details you can find in our prices.

Good opportunity to exchange emails with Russian girls that we have in our catalog

If you want you can exchange any information with Russian girls that you have communication with. At bottom of fact, we believe it's best to take a telephone number of your potential bride in 2 weeks. If you want you can exchange emails with her and communicate through your own email.

Online translator free using

Some Russian girls don't know English or other language very well. But we will not ask you to pay for translation of your messages. Even if you are not a paying member you can still use online translator on the site for free even if you are not a paying member. It will help you to communicate easily with all Russian girls listed in our agency, of course, without any limitation.

Opportunity to put your photos in photo rating

You can place your photos to photo rating. In this case many Russian girls will have possibility put marks to it. It will attract their attention to your profile. Look at the photos closely with highest ranking. You can also put your photo or some photos and be the first in the Russian girls' profiles. If you will rate the photos of ladies you can find your match there.

Notice from our special mailer when a Russian girl rated your photo for maximum points

When a lady will put the highest mark to your photo you will have notice in your mailbox! It is a good chance for you to begin communicating. Contact with those girls who like your photo. Probably you have mush in common with this Russian girl.

Some ways to contact the Russian girls on the site

Our dating agency proposes many ways to begin contact with ladies: winks, ice-breaks, quick messages and postcards. If you would like to increase a percent of Russian girls answering your letters, you should send a short messages to ladies where you can write what things attracted your attention in their profiles. Be a gentleman!

Psychologist's recommendation

Would you like to get a valuable advice or recommendation of our psychologist in your relationship with a Russian girl, maybe in future your Russian wive? Or there is just something that worries you and you want to discuss it, please feel free to ask our psychologist about it.

Our anti-scam program

We have effective anti-scam program that allows us to sift away many scammers that do harm to dating sites. Scammers is a problem of Russian dating that either belong to criminal groups or are separate persons. They act under different assumed names and pictures and disconsider all Russian girls and dating service on the whole. Certainly it is impossible to be 100 percent sure that we do not have them but our system allows us to have close contact with our users and operate very quickly.

Chat online

Do you don't understand something? Do you need some help? We always open and work individually with every person. You can come to us to support online chat at any time and talk to the manager and ask to him your questions. We always are ready to help you. Do not hesitate to seek help.

Who is online just now

On the column above you can see some ladies that are online. Apart from that you can use form "Search women who are online now" where you can choose ladies of any age. Unlike some other dating sites where you can see only when a Russian girl regisrered we provide the information when lady was for the last time online. You can write to lady who come regurarly to our site and who understand that for building of relationship it is necessary some time and devotion. Also you can send a message to a girl or woman who was some time ago online.

Welcome to marriage Russian agency Women Wedding where you can get single Russian women service in full measure, learn about Russian women secrets and meet the best women!

Here you can realize your cherished dream to marry a Russian winning women who admittedly are the most beautiful women all over the world and probably find your Russian bride! Russian brides - have you ever thought about meeting the pretty Russian women? Or dreamt of the possibility of meeting a like-minded beautiful Ukrainian woman? At WomenWedding.com we can contribute you with finding your ideal bride from our extensive database, featuring thousands of single, marriage-minded Ukranian women and Russian girls.

Our agency has many useful features to help you find your pretty Russian woman. Meeting attractive women has never been easier or more efficient. Thousands of active singles online only for you!

In some of Russian girls' profiles on this site you can see the words "Verified information". It means that we checked the girl, either she is from St-Petersburg and we checked her paper personally or she is from another city and sent her paper to us by post. They are real girls and they have really mentioned age and marital status as well as other information written in their profiles.

The authenticity of names and photos our Russian girls does not guarantee that the person described in the profile is the same as in life but we check all information using psychological test (PI), developed by specialists by the best contemporary methodic. The test is so precise and perfect that even its creators can't "deceive" it :-).

Member’s portraits of our marriage agency give you great insight into the unique essence of our members so you can really get to know them before you get to meet them. We are a real community – an overused but accurate term – of men and women who respect each other and are looking for serious relationships.

Learn a secret of Russian ladies

Why Russian ladies make wonderful wives?

If your goal is to meet a woman you can cherish, with whom you can spend the rest of your life in happiness, then a Russian lady may be the right choice for you. In return she will honor you for who you are -- a loving and devoted husband. It is the way married life was intended. And it is a worthy goal to strive for and reach. It is a law of nature that you will likely achieve what you think about and what you set your mind to, so it is important that you define your goals properly.

The Russian women you will meet will be educated, cultured women of good character coming from strong families. They are very feminine and take pride in being well dressed.

As a group, they are the most beautiful women in the world. Go. See for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.

They enjoy being fair ladies and pretty wives

What they are looking for is a man with whom they can form a family. They want most of all to find a compatible mate and share a strong family life together. For a lot of reasons they have not been able to find that in their own country.

If it requires them to move to another country, learn another language; leave their family and friends behind, so be it, if they find that ideal mate. To take that kind of chance takes a very courageous person with a lot of initiative.

For a Russian woman, the difference between being single and married is like night and day. In Russian culture, the status of single women is rather low.

A Russian woman is not considered someone respectable unless she is married. Her degree of respectability is measured by the social status of her husband. Right or wrong, that is the situation. More importantly, this is the context that Russian women operate from.

So for a Russian woman, getting and staying married is important as a goal in itself.

The main reason why a man should seek a Russian wife is because of her level of commitment to marriage. The one thing that differentiates Russian women from Western women most is perhaps their overwhelming desire to get and stay married. John has been married to a Russian women for over five years. He has travelled the path from finding her, to traveling to Russia, to bring his wife to America, and adjusting to married life. He will show you step by step how to do this yourself.

How do Russian ladies manage to be the lovely ladies?

The men worldwide are fond of Russian ladies. Why do this men think that Slavic girls are the most beautiful women all over the world? It is because girls in Ukraine or Russia really want to be pretty, nice and attractive. It's very difficult in Russia, but Russian girls keep their face, appearance, figure and health careful.

Russian women, who doesn't look after their health and female beauty, loose their chances on happy marriage and well-paid and interesting job. As usually Ukrainian and Russian young girls learn to respect men and to attract their attention to themselves. Russian brides do not grudge their money and time to look after attractiveness and healthy.

So there are great number of fitness clubs and various medical cabinets that promise Russian ladies to become sexual pretty. In the Western world we watch strange and unnatural tendency. The most of women are indifference to own appearance and shape It's very bad for health in finally results.

But in Russia, Ukraine , Belarus the situation is another. Fortunately. Besides, The idea of sexuality equality is much more than sex with anybody for Russian young or mature woman. Russian girls don't afraid of be good-looking and in the same time really natural.That is why western men looking for pretty Russian mail brides in online marriage services.

And what about the purpose of women? Often the aim for girls and women to register on the sites is to receive more chances to find their life good partner. They always don't just wait a message from men, but they actively search their future partners who are available to them. For this Russian brides it does not problem to marry a Western man or a Russian.

They wish only to fall in love. In Russia, Ukraine it is very hard to find a good husband, especially when woman is mature. Practically all Russian girls want to have a child.Also they want stability and pappiness in family. But men in Russia are infantile and they often prefer to live with woman but not connect themselves.

Half of men don't want to have children. Besides, many russian men are not careful and dependable fathers. Women from Russia think that if they will marry an German, French or American, these men will be good fathers to her baby, to their own children too.

Life in European or American countries is more comfortable and stable than in other places in the world. That is why single Russian girls don't want to live in Russia. But it is not the main reason. All Russian brides, young or mature, want to now that anywhere is a man who will love them so much and care for them.

Subscription sites

This site is a subscription site. It means that you register and after you pay you have full access to the system. You can write to any girl that is in the gallery, the girls answer you to your mailbox on the site. You have different ways to show your interest to the girls of your choice. They have this possibility also. The Russian women do not pay on this site, they become gold after we check their profile and activate it. If you like the girl, and she likes you, then you can choose to exchange by personal email and communicate there or you can choose to use the site further to communicate (some couples prefer as the site has free online translator). You can at any moment hide your profile - then only the girls whom you have written will see your profile, all others won't see you in the gallery.

This kind of sites has problems also.
1. The main problem is that some men prefer to have slow approach - they send numerous winks to each girl that caught their interest, then they send her postcards, then begin the attack with ice-break. But to 20 such letter girls get tired from these signs of attention but without result and delete themselves from the site (especially if men try to worry the girls into answering them by such means.

2. The second problem is that some men register and wait for "beautiful Russian young girls to write to them. But then they become disillusioned: (we thouroughly clear the site from scammers, so the "girls" with great photos writing to all men from 20 to 80 do not operate here) the men have letters but not from those Russian models they want, sometimes they have children, sometimes they have not the age they want and so on. It is real girls and we can't make the girl if she is beautiful and 25 to write to men up to 55. She is free. If a man wants it, he needs to work himself, to choose, to write.

3. We have no control about the girls. We can also delete them if they act not in a proper way , but that's all. A girl can come to the site today, then in 2 months, then come very often, they again disappear for some time. We can even phone to them and ask to answer the letters ,but they have for example winter, and it gets on their nerves, they feel dark, cold and do not think about any relationship and can't hope for anything, but then the spring comes and the mood changes and she is full of hopes and plans comes to the site each day and only then finds somebody.

4. This kind of service is good for russian brides who can come often to Internet, to the site, then they are in the first pages of the search and have many letters, but others who register and wait for notification about new letters to them can meet disappointment. They do not have letters.

Free sites

I am not against free sites for international and usual dating. If people can support and develop the business by making advertising on the pages of the site then it is all right. But usually these sites have the following problems:

1. They very rarely can give full time support to the site, and scammers manage to register and send many messages before they are deleted. It is if they are deleted. We worked for 3 years thinking about it before we did our multi-level anti-scam protection that helps sort out good girls from scammers.

2. The next problem is that women are not protected there from new kind of Nigerian scammers , that work with women and scam women a lot as if they were American men.

3. We have on the site psychological testing, online translator, I do not understand how it can be provided on the free dating sites. And in my opinion, it is easy to pay 39 usd for a year than to have free dating, and then come to Russia ( pay 3000 usd for the trip) and see that the girl is not compatible with you. This kind of site usually can provide you with basic dating. If you are ready to risk it, it is up to you.

The most common mistakes men do
when they search for a wife in Russia

1. Judge women by photos. Glamourous photos, photos as if they are from women's magazine attract their attention. It is interesting but 80 percent of letters are received by 20 percent of women. But they are not more beautiful, they are not more interesting than others. They have just better pictures than others.

Men do not pay attention to psychological test result ,to compatibility. But they will live with a woman, not with pictures. They will be unhappy if they have beautiful wife that is always makes rows or constantly nagging and does not want to sleep with them.

Quite recently I talked to a man from Spain, he was complaining that he had got acquainted by Internet with several Russian ladies, they were completely breathtaking in their pictures, but when he came to meet them they were just average, not superordinary not like those models on the podiums.

He was walking along the streets of St-Petersburg and saw many beautiful Russian girls walking along the street, they were not in hurry, talked with their friends, lauphed a lot. Why then did he meet Russian ladies who were beautiful in the pictures, but were tired, dull, not funny? Yes, it can happen also. If a girl exausts herself with work (she has, for example, to care alone for her child or she needs to rent an apartmnet and it is very expensive in Russia ) she looks not her best, and you can't imagine how she changes after rest or after she does not need to work so hard. By accident, all the Russian girls that he met were hard working ones and he saw them after full working day (in one case after a night shift). And he saw in the street Russian girls who had holidays or were students and so had vacations or even does not work at all as they had boyfriends who cared for them. That's where from such a difference!

2. The second mistake the men who are looking for a Russian bride do is the result of this also. Many men look for models in appearance, they want to be an envy of all their friends. But they want to live with normal girls - warm, kind-hearted, faithful.

But most girls who look like models do not want real relationship, they want just men's admiration, they want to be the center of attention. But they do not need closeness, intimacy, warmth.

The second reason is that even if there is such a paragon who combines model appearance with warmth and comfort. They are very rare. We have a joke about it:
Two men are sitting near a fireplace. One man says looking in the fire. I was never married in my life. - Why? - I was alwasy searching for a perfect woman for me. - And? Did not you find her? - No, I found her. But I was not a perfect man for her.

It is a sad joke but I have met some men who were acting like this and I saw them on different sites for more than 10 years.

3. The next mistake is a choice! Men just can't stop (some women are into this also). The best is an enemy of good enouph.They find someone, meet, everything is all right but they continue to look and look for new women. They are poisoned by an idea that maybe somewhere there is a person with whom it is better, who is more interesting.

4. Men register to the site, but they do not want to place any photo there or they place a photo where it is impossible to see them or they put terrible photos. Some men are under illusion that pictures do not mean anything for women. It is men who choose by pictures, but women prefer them to write clever words, write about their profession, their hobbies. Yes, it is good when you write a lot about you, but for women a lot is determined by your pictures. They do not want men to look like models (in fact, men-models will most likely frighten them away, but they want to see your smile, to see your eyes, to feel calmness and reliability that comes from you, for some it is important to see you in your home. And only then they will read about your hobbies, about your interests and what you like. They are often easy victims of scammers - scammers do not pay attention to pictures and ready to answer or write to them themselves without asking for new pictures.

5. About 50 percent of men who register on the site prefer to sign on and then wait for Russian beautiful girls to write to them. Guess who has more letters, more choice and more chances to find their love, these 50 percent who are just sitting and waiting for their dream girl to write to them or men who are active themselves, who search themselves and who answer also women who write to them? Yes, the second group of men has much higher chances, especially if to take into account that many women do not want to be the initiators of the communication, they have traditional views on this and regard men as an active side.

6. But the strategy that surpsises me most is the attitude of some men who need 10 times (or something like that) of confirmation that this particular woman wants to communicate with them. They send women a wink, receive a letter or a wink in return, then send her a postcard, receive something, then wink, wink, wink, after 6 such "signs of attention" most women begin to get tired from this and stop answering. Then they continue to send these signs to the women of his choice. But most Russian girls are already not interested in them.

7. The last common mistake is that men want to find many women to visit in Russian and only then come, but in reality women who were interested in them loose interest after some time and search for somebody else, men continue their search in the attempt to find more ladies, but again, some ladies do not want to wait for him unknown amount of time and after some time when he does not answer when he can come they stop being interested in him. It is an endless process for them

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